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The first archaeological excavations in the Spisbergen archipelago
Vadim Starkov
The first archaeological excavations in the Spisbergen archipelago

Издательство: ТАУС, Москва

Язык: English

ISBN: 978-5-903011-72-8
Кол-во страниц: 128
Иллюстрации: 65

Формат: 60х90 1/16

Стоимость: 400.00 руб.

V.F. Starkov, for the first time eve, devotes the book to the amateur archaeological excavations on the archipelago of Spisbergen. There were described the kept collections and written sources? related to these excavations, witch were unknown in scientific circles until today. Excavations of three Russian trade settlements within the limits of the expeditions working in programs of the international polar year and the Russian-Swedish expedition in 80–90th years of a XIX-th century is considered. The author publishes the interesting findings made during excavations, and also interpretation of descriptions of the researchers, stored in archives of the Swedish Royal academy. For experts and persons interested in history in researches in the polar areas.

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